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A marijuana seed needs air, warmth, and moisture to germinate successfully. Female marijuana plants drop their seeds in the fall as the plant is about to die. These seeds begin to sprout when warmer and wetter weather comes in spring and these seeds become plants. In the modern era, there are numerous ways to germinate your cannabis seeds.

A common method is to place seeds in a light potting mix covered by a thin layer of soil. Keep the soil between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and ensure there is enough moisture. After several days, the seed should become a seedling and begin its exciting journey.

The paper towel method is a very simple, and relatively effective, way to germinate cannabis seeds. Place your seeds in a moist paper towel, wrap them up, and put the paper towel on a plate. Cover the seeds with another plate. Alternatively, place the paper towel and seeds in a sealed plastic bag. In either case,Marijuana Seeds. store in a dark and warm area and check the seeds daily to see if they sprout. The process can take 3-7 days. Make sure the paper towel has enough moisture throughout the process.