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Terp sauce falls into the solvent concentrates category. Crafters typically make it using flash-frozen cannabis buds—but the most important aspect is to start with the best genetics possible. The flowers are first made into BHO and then left to age and crystallise. The end result is a viscious terpene sauce that engulfs diamond-like THCA crystals.

Terp sauce has become so popular thanks to the rise of terpenes themselves. Cannabinoids were once the be-all and end-all when smoking weed. However, science has unveiled the importance of terpenes and how they modify the effects of cannabis. Users are seeking higher levels of terpenes to enrich the taste of their experience, as well as the effects.

Terpenes are volatile molecules that possess relatively low boiling points. Certain extraction techniques can cause them to evaporate. Luckily, terp sauce is a different story. It involves a technique that preserves these precious molecules—the end product is highly aromatic. buy terp sauce online

Terp sauce is also extremely potent. High levels of THCA crystals decarboxylate when exposed to heat. They convert to THC, which goes on to produce a powerful psychoactive effect. Let’s explore exactly how terp sauce is created.