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These Cannabis Infused Sour THC Edibles and Gummies by kush and concentrates online-store are as potent as they are delicious.

These THC Edibles and Gummies come in a 100mg (10mg per gummy) bottle in a trio of colors: red, green, and yellow. The 10mg dosing size of each THC Edibles and Gummies is potent enough to get you the effects you crave, while still letting you dial in the perfect dose for yourself. Buy Edibles and Gummies

Why we love Paradise THC Sour Edibles and Gummies (and you will too)
Paradise Candy Company was established in 2009 in San Diego, California. Paradise was founded specifically with the goal of creating consistently high quality THC infused edibles, creating the world’s first THC infused candy.

Founded by brother / sister entrepreneur duo Mike Plomgren and Katie Devoe, this family owned company is committed to providing patients with the highest quality THC gummies for sale anywhere on the internet.

We personally use and recommend Paradise products!
At Overnight Kush, we are also committed to serving only top quality marijuana products for sale online, which is why we proudly offer kush and concentrates online-store THC gummies and candies.